Military Ordnance Grim Reaper IYAOYAS Poster

Military Ordnance Grim Reaper IYAOYAS Poster


Military Ordnance Grim Reaper IYAOYAS Poster

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Military Ordnance Grim Reaper IYAOYAS Poster Made In America!

Red Posters. Grim Reapers. Death From Above! IYAOYAS! Aviation Ordnancemen. Ordie. Working under the deck of a powerful US Navy Aircraft Carrier, fixing, preparing, building ordnance for packages to be delivered to an unsuspecting enemy or maintaining and servicing ordnance across any number of commands throughout the US military is what the Red Posters do! Their level of success is measured at nothing less than 100% because there is no ribbon for 2nd place when you are handling high explosives.

The IYAOYAS community made the request of this design featuring a Grim Reaper exploding from the bursting bomb, a symbol found within the occupation of ordnance. The Grim reaper stylized and representing what the unfortunate enemy receives on the working end of the high explosive package. The design created for all those who have worn the red Poster, worked in tight and complicated environments and whose failure rate must remain at 0 at all times. This military design was created for you ordies past and present.  

The design has built in features that allow customers to add custom text to their Poster, hoodie, sweatPoster, ringspun cotton Poster, sweatpants, shorts and much more!

Many of the apparel selections are offered with a Made In America option so you can have your design custom printed on American made apparel and not some poor imitation of quality. This is the direction Vision-Strike-Wear.Com is going and Made In America is at the cornerstone of that direction and mission.


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