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Custom Product Quote - Coins

Custom Military Challenge Coins

Custom Military Coins

Custom military coins have a deep significance with military groups reaching back more than 100 years. Some would argue that these custom coins date back to even before the colonization of the Americas. Such coins have evolved into prized recognition awards and group unity pieces, collected and carried by members of the armed forces spanning the globe, including the US Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

Custom military challenge coins minted and struck in the US are ideal for military units and commands. Create a unique military coin for your unit or ship, squadron or team. By submitting your request you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated after the form.

Challenge Coins

Tell Us About Yourself
Your Name: 
Your Email: 
Your Branch: 
Your Unit Name: 

Your Billing Address
Zip Code: 

Your Shipping Address
Zip Code: 

Tell Us What You Want for Your Coins

Quantity Size
Plating Edge
Delivery Date Requested

Additional Options (Multiple Selections Allowed)
 3-Dimensional Image Silk Screen Image Sequential Numbering Glitter Paint Dual Plating Offset Printed Image Coin Edge Engraving None Cut-Out Epoxy Dome Coating Glow-in-the-Dark

SIDE A (Please describe what you wish to see for the front side of coin)
Text Above Graphic:  Side A Top Text
Graphic Description: 
Text Below Graphic:  Side A Bottom Text

SIDE B (Please describe what you wish to see for the back side of coin)
Text Above Graphic:  Side B Top Text
Graphic Description: 
Text Below Graphic:  Side B Bottom Text

How did you hear about Vision-Strike-Wear?

Where did you hear about VSW:   If Other, please tell us more:  
Additional Comments:  

  Indicates Response Required 


$4.87 $2.99 $2.53 $2.47 $2.42
$5.27 $3.19 $2.75 $2.70 $2.65
$5.58 $3.39 $3.00 $2.93 $2.85
$5.37 $3.25 $2.82 $2.75 $2.72
$5.85 $3.51 $3.15 $3.09 $3.03
$6.32 $3.85 $3.46 $3.42 $3.37
$5.82 $3.55 $3.09 $3.00 $2.96
$6.42 $3.95 $3.56 $3.49 $3.42
$7.05 $4.29 $3.97 $3.92 $3.87
$6.89 $4.40 $3.71 $3.51 $3.45
$7.24 $4.65 $4.23 $4.20 $4.15
$7.67 $4.85 $4.51 $4.45 $4.38
$7.29 $4.98 $3.98 $3.94 $3.78
$8.26 $5.68 $5.23 $4.73 $4.40
$8.61 $5.75 $5.41 $5.29 $5.28
$8.31 $5.68 $5.12 $4.90 $4.68
$8.99 $6.13 $5.80 $5.43 $5.17
$9.51 $6.32 $6.00 $5.77 $5.62
$9.21 $6.39 $6.27 $5.88 $5.55
$9.97 $6.48 $6.37 $6.11 $5.93
$10.56 $6.88 $6.59 $6.22 $5.98


To engage services complete and Submit the Order Form above.
We CANNOT begin until we receive all the information in the form to provide an accurate quote.Tell us what you want on the front and back of the shirt. If you or your unit has something specific in mind, please remember to be as detailed as possible in your instructions. 

Getting Started With Vision-Strike-Wear.Com 
We will work with you directly to achieve the military design you want. Your challenge coin can be created on silver, gold and bronze colored coins and more. Our minimum is as low as 10 pieces.

Please familiarize yourself with and approve our pricing before you place your order. We work with you on pricing and our mission is to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

How To Order 

Complete Online Order Form
Vision-Strike-Wear.Com Reviews Your Request
Make a $150 Deposit
Collaborate with Vision-Strike-Wear.Com Artists to Complete Artwork
Complete Payment
Print and Ship Shirts

Step 1: Complete Online Order Form

The information you provide above is collected only to help us better communicate with you about your design. We will not give away or sell your information.
While our artists are immensely talented, they have not figured out the whole mind-reading thing, so we rely on you to provide us with all of the information we need to get started on your unit's military design.
Please be as clear and succinct as you can. 

We require the following information from you:

Your Name - We just need to know how to address you once we complete your design. 

Your E-Mail Address - This is important for getting critical details about your artwork to you.

Your Branch - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. This is important for critical elements in helping to create a unique design for you.

Unit Name - This is usually a critical element to the design of custom challenge coin. 
Phone and e-mail address - If you have no phone number available, please list the number of someone we can contact who knows how to reach you (preferred), or simply put "None" in that space. 

The goal of collecting this information is to establish 2-way communications to help us deliver to you a completed military design and highly motivating and morale building coins. 

Contact Instructions

Please tell us how you would like to be contacted here. Phone, e-mail, or pony express, as well as any alternate e-mail addresses you would like us to use.

Design Instructions

This is where you tell us what you want on the front and back of the coin. If you or your unit has something specific in mind, please remember to be as specific as you need to be in your instructions. If we need to guess, we may guess wrong, and that will probably cause delays in design completion and shirt delivery. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT REQUESTS BASED ON SEXUALLY OR RACIALLY OFFENSIVE CONTENT. 

Of course, we recognize that our military are warriors, and we have no problem depicting that admirable quality in our designs.
Our rule of thumb isn't that your grandmother would have to approve of it. Just the Joint Chief's Of Staff. 

Reorder? If your unit has ordered from us before and you want the same design, the process is considerably quicker if we can just look up your old information rather than try to reinvent the wheel. Please let us know if this is the case with you. Pricing is reduced for returning unit designs. 

48 coin Minimum? Nope! We can do 10 coin minimums. 
Date Needed - We try to have coins shipped within 4 weeks of receiving your order, but this time frame is affected by how quickly we can receive artwork approvals.
Shipping to APO and FPO addresses typically takes 10 days (normally) to 3 weeks (occasionally). Once it is in the APO or FPO system, it is out of our control and out of our ability to track. 

Once you have supplied us with the information above, accepted the Rules Of Engagement and submitted the form we will begin right away in providing pricing and details. Once you have submitted the form the next page you will see will provide instructions on how to submit additional images and references pertaining to your design request. 

Step 2: Vision-Strike-Wear.Com Reviews Your Request

In addition to making sure we have all the information we need to get started, it's important to tell us that there are certain types of designs we consider to be in poor taste we won't do.
If you request one of those types of designs, we will let you know so that your time and money aren't wasted. 

Step 3: Make a $150 Deposit

This deposit must be paid before our artists can begin developing your design. While the deposit is nonrefundable and nontransferable, the amount you pay will be applied to your final order and will reduce the final balance.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

This is a new addition to our process. It was implemented in order to weed out those who are not serious about ordering unit coins, which unfortunately became a considerable problem that had to be solved. 

Fortunately for you, this frees up a lot of our time to dedicate to your unit's design. In short, because collecting a deposit keeps us from wasting resources, it allows us to serve more units and allows us to finish your design quicker. 

Step 4: Collaborate with Vision-Strike-Wear.Com Artists Directly to Complete Artwork

After receipt of your deposit your design process will begin within 48 hours as we prepare the details of your order. Your initial sketch will be then provided within 5 business working days and sent to your email for approval. Once your sketch is sent we request that the approval is made within 10 business working days.

If we do not hear back from you we will assume you are no longer interested and your file will be closed. Please keep in mind you will be given a chance to make changes with the understanding that big changes (and even some "small" ones) may delay production and delivery of your coins. We will produce 1 additional change at no additional charge to ensure your design is being done to your specifications.

 It is important that you provide all details pertaining to those requested changes. Additional change requests after the first one is completed will incur additional cost at the discretion of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com.

After initial sketch is approved we request payment balance. This will be the amount less the deposit already received.

Your sketch is then transformed into the final design with all details and color added. We then send this to you for approval. Please allow up to 10 working days for it to be completed and sent to you. We do ask that approval of the design be made within 10 working days so we can place into a production queue and prepared for printing and shipping. 

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com retains all rights to future use of the artwork, whether or not the design goes to press. 

Step 5: Print and Ship Shirts

We will ship the exact quantity of coins you order within 3-4 weeks of receiving payment. Delivery times can and sometimes do vary. Shipping normally takes a few days for addresses inside the continental U.S., and ten days to three weeks for delivery to APO and FPO addresses, including American Embassies.

Return Policy.

Customers have 20 business days from ship date to contact Vision-Strike-Wear.Com related to their purchase. Vision-Strike-Wear.Com will replace in full any item(s) that possess defects, printing errors, incorrect color or minting flaws. Due to the nature of the custom design work and printing refunds are not available.