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Home > Custom Product Quote - Apparel

Custom Product Quote - Apparel has been creating custom designs for over 600 units worldwide for all branches and services and will be happy to help you create your unique unit design by following our Rules of Engagement and completing the Custom Design Order Form below. By submitting your request you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated below.

Tell Us About Yourself

Your Name:  
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State / APO:  
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Your Shipping Address
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Tell Us What You Want for Your Shirts 13" x 15" Main Design
(Please describe what you wish to see for the back graphic)
Select Main Graphic Ink Color:  
Text Above Main Graphic:  
Main Graphic Description:  
Text Below Main Graphic:  

4" x 4" Left Chest Design
(Please describe what you wish to see for the front left chest graphic)
Select Chest Ink Color:  
Text Above Chest Graphic:  
Left Chest Graphic Description:  
Text Below Chest Graphic:  

Tell Us what Shirt Styles & Quantities to Put Your Graphics on:

If there is not enough room here, please use the form field below.

Quantity:   Color:   Size:   Style:  
Quantity: Color: Size: Style:
Quantity: Color: Size: Style:
Quantity: Color: Size: Style:
Quantity: Color: Size: Style:

Additional Items:

Would you like Sleeve Art on your shirts?:

For example, 8 Ball on upper sleeves, Orange flames on lower sleeve, etc. We offer many designs below or write in a description of your custom sleeve art.

Upper Sleeve Art:
Lower Sleeve Art:
Sleeve Art Desription:

How did you hear about Custom-Shirt-Designs.Com?

Where did you hear about VSW:  
If Other, please tell us where:
Additional Comments:

Additional background information about your Unit:

  Indicates Response Required 



1. Deposit is requested. This amount is deducted from final balance prior to printing.

2. Sketch Started - please allow up to 5 working days for completion of rough sketch. Due tot he complexity of some design requests additional working days may be required. At completion Vision-Strike-Wear.Com will email your sketches.

3. Customer Approval Of Artwork - Please email the approval with sketch attachments (both front and back design) included. Any delays in receipt of sketch approval may cause additional production scheduling days to be added prior to printing.

4. Balance of art deposit made. This amount is deducted from final balance prior to printing.

5. Final Art is prepared. Please allow between 5-10 working days depending for final art completion. Additional days may be required depending on the complexity of the design being requested.

6. Final art approval. Please email the approval with sketch attachments (both front and back design) included. Any delays in receipt of final art approval may cause additional production scheduling days to be added prior to printing.

7. Production - Please allow between 7-10 working days for printing prior to shipping.

8. Shipping - Your order ships and tracking information is provided.


Once the deposit is initiated in STEP 4 above the development of the artwork follows these steps:

STEP A - Based on the information received from customer's custom quote form the initial sketch is produced in 5 working days.

STEP B - Customer is emailed the sketch and a request for 1 list of changes.

STEP C - Vision-Strike-Wear.Com receives customer's list of revisions.

STEP D - Vision-Strike-Wear.Com creates revised sketch from customer's list of revisions. Please allow up to 5 working days for the completion of this STEP.

STEP E - Vision-Strike-Wear.Com emails customer final sketch for approval.

STEP F - Customer approves sketch. STEP F completes the sketch deposit request. 

STEP G - Vision-Strike-Wear.Com completes the final design with all details and color and emails to the customer. Please allow up to 7 working days to complete this process.

STEP H - Customer sends Vision-Strike-Wear.Com 1 list of requested changes.

STEP I - Vision-Strike-Wear.Com complete final changes to final artwork and emails customer for approval.

STEP J - Customer approves final artwork. This completes the artwork for the requested design. The deposit received is applied to the final balance once customer informs Vision-Strike-Wear.Com of their desire to move forward with printing, shipping and delivery of their order. See STEPS 5 through 7 above.


  • artwork is the property of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com.
  • All deposit are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • 1 iteration is provided free of charge for sketch design and 1 iteration is provided free of charge for final art design. Additional changes or requests after 1st iterations will incur additional art fees.
  • additional production days may be required dependent on the complexity of design request
  • all designs are copyrighted and require the permission of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com for reproduction purposes.

Custom Fullfillment Timeline