Vision-Strike-Wear now has Challenge Coins!

In 2015 Vision-Strike-Wear having enough of their designs pirated by other so called US veteran companies claiming to be the best entered into the military coin market!  Since Vision-Strike-Wear has been taking over in gifts and setting the bar for the highest quality coins ever available online!

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com since 2008 has been producing custom military gifts for all branches of the United States Armed Forces.  Vision-Strike-Wear is veteran owned and operated and first to offer Made in America shirts, decals, posters, plaques and vintage signs for the troops. Visions-Strike-Wear was the first to provide customizable designs called Battle Rattles allowing for thousands of combinations to create unique designs for your military gifts!

Does Vision-Strike-Wear offer bulk pricing discounts for active duty units?


Units from all branches receive special pricing not seen on the Vision-Strike-Wear website when ordered in bulk. For special pricing and details please contact our team at customdesigns@vision-strike-wear.com


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Learn more about Vision-Strike-Wear custom design stages and protocols for the greatest success in achieving the best designs made in America found at the Vision-Strike-Wear Rules of Engagement page.

Veteran Owned and Operated

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Customer Service available Mon - Fri 6am - 4pm PST

Email us is best: headquarters@vision-strike-wear.com or Give us a call and leave a message: 844-777-7784

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