VBSS US Navy Military Challenge Coin

VBSS US Navy Military Challenge Coin


VBSS US Navy Military Challenge Coin


Prepare to be boarded!

The United States Navy VBSS teams are some of the most highly trained boarding parties in the US military arsenal. This VBSS US Navy Military Challenge Coin was created with the kind of precision and details these VBSS teams expect. Trained in close quarter combat, quickly able to penetrate the enemies ship, or creating an effective deterrent to hostile enemy intentions on the high seas these highly trained men and women of the US Navy are a proud team of sea going warriors and they have every right to feel that way.

This beautiful United States Navy military challenge coin is designed by Vision Strike Wear, is hand crafted, hand painted and etched from one of the thickest military challenge coins in the industry. Each coin is antiqued with gold and silver plating accents followed by a hand painting process delivering rich color and texture to each coin we make.

The front of this coin features the look of the well-known Jolly Roger with boonie cover, pirate knife in the mouth of a focused skull with aviation wings, crossed rifles, large anchor and porthole. The text reads “Prepare to Be Boarded” and in keeping with American warship wreaking havoc on enemy shipping has been an effective naval force securing the enemies ship.


 The reverse side of this military challenge coin has the US Navy ACE, anchor, USS Constitution and Eagle. Fully colored with color and sharp detail.

Antique Gold Antique Silver
Hand Painted with green and multiple blues

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