United States Navy Snipes Military Coin

United States Navy Snipes Military Coin


United States Navy Snipes Military Coin


The Sailors that sail below the deck!

United States Navy Snipes Military Coin


Become one of the first ever to own this limited edition United States Navy Snipes Military Coin.

They are the crew of a United States Navy warship that is responsible for the functioning of the ship. They ensure that the ship has steam, has controls, has water and electrical, is free from damage, can operate with proper communications, makes sure all systems within the ship are functioning, the engine is working and providing propulsion and overall ensures the complete operational capacity and functionality. Without the US Navy Snipes the ship is a gun and missile system sitting idle in the middle of a very big ocean. This cannot happen and does not happen under the watchful eye, training, dedication, courage and commitment of the United States Navy Snipes. This USN Snipe coin was made for them.


  • The United States Navy Snipes Military Coin.
  • Deep 3d relief with metallic accents, and silver rendering.
  • 2 inch coin (4mm thickness)
  • Highly detailed relief Commemorative antique silver with gold accents coin.
  • Coins sold individually.
  • Due to the popularity of this coin it can be placed on back order. Please note that all orders will be filled and shipped as quickly as possible and USPS tracking information provided. If you would like to learn the status of your order and this coin please feel free to email us at headquarters@vision-strike-wear.com for a status. 


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