USMC 0911 Drill Instructor Marine Corps MOS Coin

USMC 0911 Drill Instructor Marine Corps MOS Coin


USMC 0911 Drill Instructor Marine Corps MOS Coin



USMC 0911 Drill Instructor Marine Corps MOS Coin™

Yelled at. Screamed at. PTd within an inch of your life. Bends and thrusts. Cleaning the head with a toothbrush if you are lucky. Being the one boot that thinks they can skate or disappear from the line of site of their Drill Instructors during their short stay at MCRD San Diego or Parris Island (School for Wayward Boys) and actually thinks that after 12 weeks no one will notice you? I think not. It’s a guarantee that with the training the United States Marine Corps Drill Instructors receive for this 3 year billet turning maggots into Marines that they have one of the hardest jobs in the United States Marine Corps.

Their hard work and training radically alters the perception of being a civilian and with training, hard core physical fitness, education with a level of precision unmatched in the USMC out comes a Marine ready for their next level of training or duty assignment. From the yellow footprints, haircut that forms the very beginning of their start of training to the last day on the tarmac and parade deck the US Marine drill instructor has one calling: make a Marine or remove this individual and make sure they do not infect our beloved Marine Corps with anything less than a US Marine.

This USMC 0911 Drill Instructor Marine Corps MOS Coin was crafted out of honor and respect for the USMC drill instructors!

Get a little MOTO with this USMC Drill Instructor coin!

Licensed and approved by the United States Marine Corps.

  • The USMC 0911 Drill Instructor Marine Corps MOS Coin™.
  • Deep 3d relief with metallic and gold accents
  • 2 inch coin
  • Highly detailed relief USMC Commemorative Coin.
  • Coins sold individually.
  • Due to the popularity of this coin it can be placed on back order. Please note that all orders will be filled and shipped as quickly as possible and USPS tracking information provided. If you would like to learn the status of your order and this coin please feel free to email us at for a status. 


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