USCG Cutter Semper Paratus Coin

USCG Cutter Semper Paratus Coin


USCG Cutter Semper Paratus Coin

Vision Strike Wear

This USCG Cutter Semper Paratus Coin was crafted for the US Coast Guard, it's personnel, Coasties both past and present and those that understand what it means to whether all storms no matter and sail across the ocean and waves of insidious danger and stand against the storm. It features a USCG Cutter breaking through the turmoil of the world's ocean waves, the life preserver which lies at the heart of the preservation of life while at sea, crossed rifles a testimony to the effectiveness of the USCG in matters concerning both war and its ability to maintain safe lanes and ensure the security of the American coastline. The skull with US Coast Guard ballcap and eyes of the coast with blue watery deeply inset eyes inside the skull show its mission and perspective concerning the waters of the coast.

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