USA Defend The American Constitution Coin

USA Defend The American Constitution Coin


USA Defend The American Constitution Coin

Vision Strike Wear

The most important coin to have in your arsenal. The USA Defend The American Constitution Coin!

There is quite possibly more important to Americans than their rights and freedoms. The US Constitution protects those freedoms from those who would try and take it away. It is our birthright to live free or die and the US Constitution protects it just as our men and women protect it and whose words have been set to a quill, dipped in ink of patriotism and then written on the canvas of the freedom. It is our birthright and it is our way of life and when someone says they can pray it from their cold dead fingers they mean us all. They mean Americans. We paid for it in the generations of our American military men and women in uniform and paid with their sacrifices and we will never give it back and we will never allow it to be taken away. 

 I took a solemn oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Be advised that no one has ever relieved me of my duties under this oath. 

Size: 2 Inches

Thickness: 4mm

U. S. Army
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