US Navy Sea Lawyer Flip Coin

US Navy Sea Lawyer Flip Coin


US Navy Sea Lawyer Flip Coin

Vision Strike Wear

Guilty or Not Guilty? That is the question. Two heads are better than one! Get this exquisite multi colored Sea Lawyer coin good for any ship's discussion. In the event one of your fellow crew members needs to be keel hauled lets have a quick look at the facts and findings before we throw them over the ship. No time for a Captain's Mast but you have the one Sailor destined for US Navy Code Of Military Justice lawyering cause he or she just knows everything then well we have just the coin for them. So leave this Sea Lawyer coin on their desk or chair and let them know you know who they are cause every ship has one! Two tone antique metals display this Sea Lawyer coin in a highly detailed and chiseled old world look.


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