US Navy Don't Give Up The Ship Shirt
US Navy Don't Give Up The Ship Shirt

US Navy Don't Give Up The Ship Shirt


US Navy Don't Give Up The Ship Shirt


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US Navy Don't Give Up The Ship Shirt

During the War of 1812 Captain James Lawrence then commanding the USS Chesapeake was called to arms when a British warship, HMS Shannon, stood opposed and the battle of these wooden ships and iron men commenced. Captain Lawrence mortally wounded during the battle let out with one of the most famous of US Navy battle cries "Don't Give Up The Ship" which to this day has resonated throughout the United States Navy. The phrase became a battle flag, a standard, around which US Navy sailors have held close to their hearts when travelling across the stretches of vast oceans and seas, in times of war and peace. 

The US Navy, its sailors, its warriors from the deck crews aboard USN Aircraft Carriers to the Boat Guys, Navy SEALS and the Snipes serving below deck, the US Navy dolphins that operate in silence under the crushing depths of the world's oceans are all subject to the conditions of modern day warfare and as such experience the stress that only sea going warriors will ever understand. 

Inherently stress on the seas has resulted in experiences labeled PTSD with our sailors and is the subject of an extremely important malady that has to be addressed and overcome. PTSD, the topic of so many discussions in our modern military, has finally been recognized as a very serious and important situation that needs to be addressed. Don't Give Up The Ship, a battle cry from centuries ago, has become far more important in terms of never quitting and never giving up our mental state, our minds, and our perseverance that regardless of the blockades, squalls, typhoons and storms our experiences have thrown us against we will never give up our ship!

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