US Navy Corpsman Up Coin
US Navy Corpsman Up Coin ™

US Navy Corpsman Up Coin


US Navy Corpsman Up Coin


Corpsman Up!


The most decorated rate in the Unites States Navy! This US Navy Corpsman Up Coin was created out of respect and honor to the men and women that are called Doc. United States Navy Corpsman put the lives of the men and women they serve with ahead of their own and will race towards a wounded or fallen Marine or fellow sailor, even under gunfire, to pick them up, get them to safety, or if the situation calls for it, get them medical attention immediately. What they do saves lives even if it costs them their own. This US Navy Corpsman Up Coin depeicts the medical caduceus, intertwining snakes which are symbolic of the US Navy Corpsman and Navy medicine, a red cross an international symbol of life saving help and medical attention, crossed syringes as part of ther trade and their birthdate of June 17th, 1892.

They are Navy Corpsman, Devil Docs and so much more!

  • The original US Navy Corpsman Up Coin ââ€Å¾Ã‚¢.
  • The original Vision-Strike-Wear.Com Devil Doc coin design
  • 2 inch coin
  • First time, only time limited run.

Reverse Side

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