Tin Can Sailors Navy Destroyer Military Shirt

Tin Can Sailors Navy Destroyer Military Shirt


Tin Can Sailors Navy Destroyer Military Shirt


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For decades sailors have boarded ships and sailed off to war fighting off distant coastlines or on the oceans and seas of the world. They have circumnavigated the globe, crossed the equator, gone from Pollywogs to Shellbacks, experienced Tiger Cruises, WESTPAC cruises, been part of Destroyer Squadrons also known as DESRON's, protected the fleet by hunting enemy submarines and depth charging them till they were drunk from explosives, fired salvo after salvo hitting with precision their called in naval gunfire, given infantry and land troops the added barrier of protection that only large naval guns can provide, protected merchants crossing a troubled and warring sea during World War 1 and the Second World War as well as fighting in the frozen waters off Korea or the tropical waters of Vietnam.  

The Greyhounds of The Sea or more affectionately known as Tin Cans, the US Navy Destroyer is without question the most versatile warship to have ever gone to sea. The men aboard them, The Tin Can Sailors are earmarked as one of the hardiest and most loyal group of brothers that have sailed. The Tin Can Sailor Destroyer shirt representing the Backbone of the Navy fleet was created in their honor.

Colorful elements of past destroyer gunboats along with more recent classes armed with guided missiles, these steel and armored ships carry with them a history and tradition that spans the ages. This naval tee shirt design was created for them, their friends and those that supported these amazing men as they left home and country to battle the enemy on open water. 

As part of the tradition of supporting non-profits and organizations across the United States, Vision-Strike-Wear.Com designed this navy military shirt for the Tin Can Association and its incredible membership of valiant naval warriors. 

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com, Wear The Military Gets Cover! 
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