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They Stood For the Flag Now I Do Shirt

They Stood For the Flag Now I Do Shirt


They Stood For the Flag Now I Do Shirt


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They Stood For the Flag Now I Do Shirt for our active duty and US Veterans with whom we are proud to call our brothers and sisters.

What did I do on Monday Night? Well I took a drive to the VA and thanked every single soldier, airman, US Marine, Sailor, Coastie for the freedom I so enjoy and the ability to express it in a country I love beyond measure.

I stood when my back ached, my knees slightly bent from the years I gave in service to God and country, as I gazed at a flag made of stars on a blue field, red and white stripes which has left me with a passion of belief that anything can be done in a country filled with so much opportunity, so much freedom that every day I can get up, go to work, enjoy my family, play with my children, talk to a neighbor and do so without any concern of tyranny.

I am lucky to be an American. I am lucky to share my beliefs with so many that have served as members of the United States military both past and present. Military men and women that I am proud to call brother and sister. Proud that they have my back and I have theirs and that we serve to honor those who cannot or do not but share the same feeling of freedom that flows through these veins. We are the lucky ones.

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