Subic Bay Drinking Club Hoodie

Subic Bay Drinking Club Hoodie


Subic Bay Drinking Club Hoodie


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Will Westpac For Beer!

It has been said that Sailors and drinking can often collide in the same sentence. It has also been said that a Sailor drinks like a fish, can tie one on, is three sheets to the wind. Funny how many drinking terms have a nautical feel about them? This Subic Bay Drinking Club Hoodie was designed for those sea going Sailors that have crossed to the Westpac side, returned and have a few stories to tell. Yes they will Westpac for beer!

So when asking a Sailor if they have been to Subic Bay and the PI and they smile you had better bet they have experienced a few wild times in Subi where they walked in and crawled out. Here is the Subic Bay Drinking Club Hoodie for you and those like you!

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