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Sovereign Join Or Die 1776 T-Shirt
Sovereign Join Or Die 1776 T-Shirt

Sovereign Join Or Die 1776 T-Shirt


Sovereign Join Or Die 1776 T-Shirt

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The Sovereign Join Or Die 1776 T-Shirt was designed for specific reasons including the remembrance of the United States and its singular vision of not being controlled or ruled by a King or monarchy of any type and that the freedom of oneself and the freedom of a sovereign nation is in the control of its people. The British crown learned this when this country was founded and to this day the people of the United States will never be ruled by any outside party, a crown or thought reducing government domestically or foreign in nature. 

Sovereignty is our common bond in that we are in control of ourselves, we are free, we are not going to allow anyone to take away our natural rights as human beings and we will protect those inalienable rights we are born with and will not have taken away. 

Governments rise and fall but the people persevere and we as a people must always protect the freedoms we have as a birthright and never allow anyone to take this away.  

The Sovereign Join Or Die 1776 T-Shirt is testimony, an icon of the strength of freedom and a constant reminder that it is something that belongs to each of us now and forever. 
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