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Shellback King Neptune Coin

Shellback King Neptune Coin


Shellback King Neptune Coin


The Court Of Neptune Rex Awaits You!

Shellback King Neptune Coin


Become one of the first ever to own this limited edition Shellback Military Coin.

You sit, stand, bend, kneel or crouch before King Neptune and his court. You are a pollywog in search of a higher calling. Becoming something more than some slimy, salt water, kelp and barnacle encrusted pollywog is more to your calling. You desire to be admitted into the ranks of those that have gone before you as they crossed the equator and passed from octopus bile into a semblance of a sailor. You seek admittance as a Shellback! 

In order to do this you must submit to the Court Of Neptune Rex and obey all his commands in order to pass this trial of seamanship. This 3 inch, 5mm Shellback coin was created specifically for those that have experienced the tastes, sounds, heart and gut wrenching requirements that thrust you from wog to Shellback! Highly detailed 3d relief, colored like the floor of the briniest and saltiest of oceans, filled with the flora and fauna of the sea. You have entered the Court Of Neptune Rex.


  • The original Shellback King Neptune Coin.
  • Deep 3d relief with metallic accents, blue, red and full coloring rendering.
  • 3 inch coin (5mm thickness)
  • Highly detailed relief Commemorative antique silver with gold accents coin.
  • Coins sold individually.
  • Due to the popularity of this coin it can be placed on back order. Please note that all orders will be filled and shipped as quickly as possible and USPS tracking information provided. If you would like to learn the status of your order and this coin please feel free to email us at headquarters@vision-strike-wear.com for a status. 
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