Operation Inherent Resolve OIR Challenge Coin

Operation Inherent Resolve OIR Challenge Coin


Operation Inherent Resolve OIR Challenge Coin


Combined Joint Task Force

Operation Inherent Resolve OIR Challenge Coin

This Operation Inherent Resolve OIR Challenge Coin was designed out of respect and honor to America's military fighting branches and its men and women in uniform. This Combined Joint Task Force challenge coin displays the elements found on the OIR patch as well as its campaign ribbon. It is a unique military design handsomely designed and shaped and cut into this vibrant 2 inch diameter coin with a 4mm depth making it both well equipped to handle any challenge and designed with original artwork and exquisite military detail making it one the finest of its type in the industry.

US Navy - US Army - USMC - USCG - USAF 


One Mission. Many Nations!

  • The original Operation Inherent Resolve OIR Challenge Coin.
  • Deep 3d relief with metallic gold and silver accents hand painted with blue and green.
  • 2 inch coin (4mm thickness)
  • Highly detailed relief US Navy Commemorative coin with antique silver and hand painted with blue, red and black enamel.
  • Coins sold individually.
  • This coin is being offered as a Pre-Production - ORDERS WITH THIS CHALLENGE COIN WILL SHIP APPROXIMATELY AFTER JUNE 15th!
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