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Navy Tin Can Sailor Destroyer Military Design and Shirts!

Posted by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com on 3/17/2012 to Unit Designs
Most likely the most versatile warship to go to sea the US Navy destroyer carries an arsenal of weapons, the most highly trained sailors, communication equipment, with a the largest assortment of mission types of any warship that has ever gone to sea. When the Tin Can Sailors Association called upon Vision-Strike-Wear.Com to design a shirt worthy of the men that sailed aboard these metal beasts of war, VSW responded. 

 Displaying both a more vintage looking destroyer gunboat with CPO and cobb pipe and its gleaming deck guns to the more recent and modern guided missile destroyer, this Tin can Sailor design captures just one role of its seagoing mission; hunting down and killing submarines. If you look closely at the design you will see a very nervous periscope running from a destroyer! 

 A classic design that span the ages from the older boats to a more modern class of destroyer this design is worn on the backs on thousands of Tin can Sailors and was specifically designed for them, their family and friends. 

Grab this great Navy destroyer Tin Can shirt! Vision-Strike-Wear.Com, Wear The Military Gets Cover!


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