Navy Gunner's Mate First Class
William H. Moore

U.S.S LST 757 1943 TO 1946

William Henry Moore . When World War 2 broke out, he enlisted in the Navy in 1943 and was assigned to one of the Navy’s new weapons, the LST ship , a 2366-ton LST-511 class tank landing ship, where he achieved the rank of Gunner’s Mate, First Class. LST 757 served in the Pacific during the rest of World War II, taking part in amphibious landings at Lingayen Gulf in January 1945 and at Mindanao in April. LST-757 remained in the western Pacific for several months after Japan's surrender, and then returned to the US in San Francisco harbor.  

As First Gunners Mate, he would help operate and maintain guided missile launching and torpedo launching/handling systems, rocket launchers, gun mounts and other ordnance systems and equipment. They train and supervise crews in the use of all types of ordnance equipment. The LST 757 was on its way with a convoy of other amphibious ships to the Japanese main land when they heard the war was over.  Bill served in both the Atlantic and Pacific where the LST 757 received 2 Battle Stars before being decommissioned in May of 1946. He was honorably discharged in the fall of 1946, after a total of 19 months at sea. 


\William “Papy” Moore’s Navy Uniform

After discharge, he returned to Avco and settled in Richmond Indiana where he had 4 kids. Bill died on August 11, 2006 at the age of 90 yrs old. I am very proud of my father’s service to his country during WWII.  

Navy Gunner's Mate First Class William H. Moore

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