Molon Labe 1776 2nd Amendment Decal

Molon Labe 1776 2nd Amendment Decal


Molon Labe 1776 2nd Amendment Decal

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Come And Take Them!

Molon Labe. Come and Take Them! The Spartans screamed it at their enemy. America would do the same. This Molon Labe 1776 2nd Amendment Decal screams American freedom, American birthright, 2nd Amendment and the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Ready to strike. The glint off a scale, the sharp teeth that will sink into flesh, the eyes always looking and staring at its target, coiled and ready to strike is the rattler of American Independence. Don’t Tread On Me! America knows what it is like to have been invaded with a foreign monarchy and took to arms to stop the incursion over its future, independence, freedom and sovereignty. In order for that to occur there were weapons, there were birthrights built into an American Constitution that made it known that we as American’s have a right to keep and bear arms. The 2nd Amendment.

Similar attitudes and convictions were kept by Greek city States like Sparta that would not give up its freedoms and had to maintain a force of warriors that would defend their lands and that required muscle, sinew, arms in the form of sword and spear. The Spartans would not give up their weapons and neither will Americans.

Display this Molon Labe design with pride. Show it with conviction and be proud you are red, white and blue through and through.

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