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The first shipment of medical supplies is on the way to the International Peshmerga Volunteers. Much needed medical supplies have shipped, are on the way and about to land on the battlefield where the International Peshmerga Volunteers is battling Daesh. Your purchase of the ISIS Hunting Club shirts, coins and merchandise is instrumental in the fight against ISIS. We look forward to our next shipment keeping the IPV in the fight!

Isis Hunting Club

Donate for Medical Supplies
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We cut ISIS down like the winter wheat.
ISIS Hunting Club Member Shirt
ISIS Hunting Club Member Decal 20.00 Contribution
Isis Hunting Club Official Coin
Isis Hunting Club Official Coin
Isis Hunting Club Official Patch
Isis Hunting Club Official Decal
Isis Hunting Club Official Biker Patch
They have no respect for life so they just need to be killed.
Daesh Isis Hunting Club Shirt
Get your ISIS Hunting Club Bumper Sticker now.
ISIS ISIL Hunting Permit Decal
ISIS Hunting Club Shirt vs. the ISIL Islamic State in Iraq and Syria
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