IYAOYAS Ordnance Poster

IYAOYAS Ordnance Poster


IYAOYAS Ordnance Poster

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The IYAOYAS Ordnance Poster is Made in America just like the soldiers trained to wear it. IYAOYAS, also known as If You Ain`t Ordnance You Ain`t @@it is a community of hard trained, high explosive strapping, red Poster wearing, danger close group of men and women who ensure that the right strike package is placed with the right delivery vehicle to ensure the most effective results. 

There is no second place place award for getting your job right when working with the tools and ordnance. Thye get their job right the first time. The IYAOYAS Ordnance Poster was designed by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com exclusively for the brotherhood and sisterhood of ordnance. The flaming skull with wings is symbolic of their trade and the signify more than just a little bit that when the troops call down the fire it is the ordnance this group trains to carry, load and attach making sure our enemy has a very unpleasant day. 


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