HHT 2/11 Armored Cavalry Regiment Shirt
HHT 2/11 Armored Cavalry Regiment Shirt

HHT 2/11 Armored Cavalry Regiment Shirt


HHT 2/11 Armored Cavalry Regiment Shirt


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The HHT of the 2/11 Armored Cavalry Regiment knows the intensity of battle and the risks taken when soldiers climb aboard an armored transport. The bullet ridden holes, the dents, small stress line cracks and fractures caused from a bullet or ricochet of a RPG rocket all register on the steel hides of the armored vehicles this US Army unit works on each and every day.

Their blood, sweat and tears are mixed with the metal and it is often said that they are relatives to these life saving Iron Monsters. The strain of hours and days working on these modern beast of battle is what the men and women of the 2-11 Cavalry do and their effort and hard work keeps their troopers in the fight. 

As the saying goes "We Live In the Belly Of Beasts" and no truer words can be spoken of the Armored Cavalry Regiments. They repair the hearts of iron monsters. A custom US Army unit shirt created for an incredible US Army military unit!

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