Camp Phoenix, Afghanistan gets a Custom Vision-Strike-Wear.Com design

Posted by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com on 9/29/2011 to Unit Designs
Camp Phoenix is a NATO military installation in Afghanistan, supported by the United States Army. It is located in Kabul, Afghanistan approximately 6 miles from the Kabul International Airport (KIA). 

Camp Phoenix Afghanistan

Camp Phoenix is overseen by the 26th "Yankee" Maneuver Enhancement Brigade of the Massachusetts Army National Guard. The 1-134 Cavalry (Task Force Fury), Nebraska National Guard, which is also stationed at Camp Phoenix, currently has the mission of training the Afghan National Police and the Afghan National Army. 

The 981st Medical Detachment Preventive Medicine also share space on Camp Phoenix. They are responsible for maintaining public health among the Kabul area. It is populated mostly by U.S. and other NATO armed forces, along with a number of U.S. and local national contractors who support military personnel in various logistic and operational roles. Camp Phoenix is also the location of the United States Air Force's 855th Air Expeditionary Squadron.  

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