Bravo Battery 1-143rd Field Artillery "Crusaders" To Receive Their Custom Military Shirts!

Posted by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com on 7/27/2011 to Unit Designs
From conservative to flat out off the chain, the custom designs created by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com Custom are an integral part to the building of morale with military details and precision, teamwork when working with their their artists forming a dedicated team with both the unit and artists to create top of the line designs for their military unit shirts, Custom military design is about creativity, detail, military themes and elements and above all working together to create the best for each and every unit. Military designs are custom designed with the great communication between unit leaders and the design team of where the communication flows and great designs are created. Custom design does not mean expensive and does not mean large orders. It does not have to. Small unit orders of as low as 5 and 10 pieces can be custom made to as many as a unit request. All units get treated exactly the same and the designs and energy and time that goes into their creation is no lessened depending on the size but remains the size. If was not proud enough to display a design it has created in honor of a unit then it would never be placed on their site. With nearly 600 distinct and unique custom military t-shirts on display and for sale on their site along with a wide arsenal of designs ranging from special forces, rank, rate, specialties, MOS, sniper, artillery, EOD, Cavalry, SEAL, Army Medic, Navy Devil Doc, SERE, SWCC, naval squadrons and much more! The bottom line is that you and your unit can get a great custom military design at extremely reasonable prices with very low minimums and acquire the custom military design you want and work directly with the artists to achieve the very best results! No other company on the internet offers so much as vision-Strike-Wear.Com when it comes to custom military art, design and custom military graphics for your t-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, tank-top-shorts, military decals and more! visit them at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com, Wear The Military Gets Cover!

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