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Ancient Liberty Military Challenge Coin Set

Ancient Liberty Military Challenge Coin Set


Ancient Liberty Military Challenge Coin Set

Ancient Coins Set

From the ancient line of military challenge coins comes this Ancient Liberty Military Challenge Coin Set which displays with absolute certainty the development and continuation of liberty throughout the ages. From the early days of the Greeks and their creation of personal sovereignty to the Roman Empire which was a Republic at its founding comes the message of freedom and liberty. These ancient military coins represent such liberties and carries the message of freedom with each coin minted.

This exclusive 5 military challenge coin set is discounted when purchasing all 5 military challenge coins. Each coin has with it a special and iconic look from antiquity preserving the message of freedom and liberty in each part of its detail. Spartan Warriors, a Kraken, Greek Phalanx, Pegasus and the Lighthouse Of Alexandria fill the first side of these relics of the Old World with the true look and exceptional craftsmanship of a historical coin. This full set of ancient challenge coins will compliment any challenge coin collection or handed out in trade or as a military gift item. 

There are 4 distinct coins in this set of ancient liberty challenge coins each with a different mark representing a branch cast with the old world detail only found at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com.

Side A has the distinct Greek Phalanx with its heavily armored warrior with blazing Eagle, Globe and Anchor inscribed on its surface.   

Side B of these ancient liberty military challenge coins features the Bald Eagle with outstretched claws grasping arrows and the capability of bringing war to any enemy that would take from it its liberties. In its other claw is the olive branch symbolic of peace to those who share in the ideals of peace and liberty where cultures can coexist with similar attitudes when it comes to their personal freedoms.

These ancient military coins are uniquely offered and display with challenge coin originality a variety of coin design and details only offered by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com

  • The original 5 Set Ancient Liberty Military Challenge Coins
  • Deep 3d relief with metallic and gold accents
  • 1.75" inch coin
  • Serialized
  • Highly detailed relief.
  • Laser Engraved for Authenticity
  • Coins sold individually.

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