5 Ways to Customize Your Badass Military T-Shirt

Posted by Webmaster Matt on 7/24/2013 to Unit Designs

1. Shirt Color
This is the most common customization which most shops will offer. At Vision Strike Wear, we  don't offer every color under the rainbow. We stick to colors that we know print well and will make the design of your choice stand out. VSW is committed to only the best quality products for our military men, women, veterans and their families.

2. Design Placement
We don't force you to print only on one spot on your T Shirt, Long Sleeve Shirt or Hoodie! You can select full back and front left chest, full front and back, front only, back only or even just the front small left chest design.

3. Custom Left Chest Design
left chest design Vision Strike Wear has hundreds of custom front left chest designs. When you design your shirt with a full back and a front left chest, you can select from our designs. We have designs for every branch as well as several hundred custom unit designs with the logos we created for those units at their request! That way you know the design is not only customized, but is true to the spirit of that unit. The design is also available ONLY at Vision Strike Wear!

4. Sleeve Art and Full Sleeve Art
Select from 20+ designs for sleeve art such as American flags, a Purple Heart, the Ace of Spades, Airborne, Anchors and other cool artwork. Sleeve art can be on the shoulders, forearms, or we also offer custom designed full sleeve art.

Full Sleeve Art

Full sleeve art runs from the shoulder to the mid forearm. Full sleeve art designs are ready for your long sleeve shirt, hoodie or crewneck shirt for all branches.  We have Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard designs as well as other cool full sleeve designs.

5. Custom Text
Add your own custom text drop to the front and back design, just the front design or just the back. Any text you want! Put the words you want on your shirt that no one else will have. Have a saying you or your unit go by? Nickname? Want to put your ship or designation on your shirt? A place and a date? Make your custom shirt a complete original.

Customize Now!
I hope this short blog post will help you see the ways you can customize your military t shirt, custom unit shirt, hoodie, crewneck or other apparel. Remember, that we also have customization for other products, such as decals, posters, license plates, mugs and plaques.

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