2-17 Army Cavalry Headhunters Military Shirt

2-17 Army Cavalry Headhunters Military Shirt


2-17 Army Cavalry Headhunters Military Shirt

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The 17th CAV, considered a historical organization, began as a regiment of calvary after the Pancho Villa Expedition. Straight out of Fort Bliss, Texas, where it was organized in 1916, the 2-17 CAV was present during WWI and served on the Mexican border. Stationed where needed, the 2-17 has been called to protect border disturbances near the Arizona border, covering and protecting Hawaii's coast line and also served as a Recon Element during the Vietnam War.

The 17th CAV continues with the on-going effort to maintain the lineage and history of the Army through its units. Found in modern day Army Combat Aviation Brigades, the squadrons are now constituted as attack/recon helicopter squadrons. Dedicated to reconnaissance since 2008, in support of the 101st Airborne Division Infantry, the 2-17 CAV is comprised of three Flight Troops and three support Troops, with their primary aircraft being the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter.

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com continues to serve our active and deployed troops, our retired Veterans, family, friends and supporters of our military men and women. We are proud to be able to reflect the 2-17 CAV unit's pride in what you do to contribute to and protect our country's citizens.

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