NMPS San Diego Medical Dept Drinkware

NMPS San Diego Medical Dept Drinkware


NMPS San Diego Medical Dept Drinkware

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The NMPS San Diego Medical Dept Drinkware represents a hard working and dedicated group of sailors that make up its FCPOA, First Class, Petty Officer Association. The 1st Classes of the Navy are dedicated and proven to have the leadership skills that will take them to higher ranks within the United States Navy.

The processing station which prepares many of the US Navy's sailors for deployment process over 200-400 sailors per day as they go through this very important part of the US Navy's processing facility.

The NMPS San Diego Medical Dept Drinkware created specifically for this Navy unit is custom designed in a recent D-Day! Design Day With Frost Call is an example of the naval tees that Vision-Strike-Wear.Com is often requested to make for the FCPOA around the fleet. It is an honor to have the opportunity to provide these highly detailed custom military designs for the United States Navy.

Interested in a custom military design from Vision-Strike-Wear.Com? Contact them at customdesigns@vision-strike-wear.com for more information.

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